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Yachting is a very specific business and this is why you need specific presentation tools to make it successful. Obviously, online presentation is especially important. Due to the Internet, you can reach new clients all over the world. And this is important if you want to make your yachting business successful. And the first and most important thing you need to present yourself online is a website. But it wouldn’t be enough to create some old-style website. You need a website that perfectly suits yachting business. And we are here to help you find such a website.

WhiteSails is a website developed especially for yachting rental business, but it can also suit yachting tours or other businesses related to yachts. And most importantly, as a website template, it allows you to create a great website and save a lot of time and money on developments.

Due to its landing page structure, this HTML template is very compact and will be extremely easy to navigate. However, it is also highly informative and can tell a lot about your business. You can tell clients about your services and explain what advantages your services have. Or you can share the feedback via testimonials too. Or you can use the gallery to present visual content.

WhiteSails also looks great doe to designers’ hard work. Yet, if you want to change it then you can edit any part of WhiteSails. Designers included many SCSS animations, transitions, and additional UI elements to boost your design and help you in editing. And due to its coding WhiteSails is highly responsive and looks great on any device.

This template is based on highly reliable and valid W3C coding. It has no redundant elements and will be fast and SEO-friendly. In addition, there are lingual options and you can use them to attract customers from other regions.

Features: Bootstrap, Premium, Pro, Responsive, Search Engine Friendly